In the movie Devil Wears Prada, Andrea or Andy Sach is s graduated journalist in New York and her dream is to become journalist in a Runaway which is one of the top selling magazines in terms of fashion. She did not develop her skill in writing in the magazine so she became an assistant of Miranda as editor in chief as well as second assistant of Miranda Priestly who is an editor-in-chief in one of the top fashion magazine.

Andrea thought that this is a way into another position as journalism. She has no idea about her boss even in fashion and in magazine. That's why the first assistant who is Emily gives an advice to Andrea about their cruel boss. Emily is one of her co-worker who is unkind to her. She didn't expect that working with Miranda starts the adventure of her life.  She tried to accept to herself that this is one of the challenges on her career.  As you see in the movie Devils Wear Prada, she works really hard. With the help of her friend Nigel who is magazines' art director she also changes her self-image because he already knows how to work with Miranda.

He knows about Miranda and since that their work is all about fashion, Andrea changes everything for the sake of her job she became more stylish. But then she survives her works with Miranda when she saves from a social embarrassment in one charity benefit.  She got a good result after that, Miranda told her that Andrea will accompany her in Paris for a fashion show.  Emily expected that she is the one who is going for a trip with Miranda. But there is something happen, Andrea is not going into the show with Miranda. She thinks and decides about what she wants and then she decided to go back with her boyfriends. Andrea got a new job.

If you watched the Devil Wears Prada movie, you will see that Miranda is very strict to all her employee. Most of the employee doesn't like her, when she comes to the office everyone is panicking and scared to Miranda. You will notice that the famous line of Miranda is "No. No. No."Some people say the Miranda is the "Boss from Hell".

From the movie Devil Wear Prada we can learn a lot like, if we are going to attend for a meeting we have to be prepared always. We have to know the important people in the meeting area to give smile and say hello even to other guest. Prepare for your interview, research about the company, be knowledgeable about the important persons there, first impressions from your looks and appearances.

The director of the Devil Wear Prada wanted to be the reality of the movie. I think that this had happened in real life.